Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Man vs. Woman or Woman vs. Man ??

I get a lot of etiquette questions, so will share some of them here ~ today's question comes up a lot, and we don't give it much thought unless we're going to a wedding, and then it comes up a LOT! Who's name goes first, the man's or the woman's? Very simply, the woman's name always goes first. We like to think it's all about being the bride, but sorry ladies, it's actually all about the men. Yes, when a man is born and for the remainder of his life, his first name is never removed from his last name. So, here are some examples of correctly writing names:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Susan and John Smith
Mrs. Susan Smith
Mr. John Smith

And, for you ladies who are mothers of the groom? When you're preparing your invitations for the Rehearsal Dinner, please don't insist that your son's name goes first on the invitation ~ it's just not the correct thing to do ~ it's my job to make you look perfect, so ...

Here's to making you look fabulous!



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