Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

I've just read an article that troubles me, so I wanted to share some pearls of wisdom with all of our dear brides.  Let me preface by saying that it is our job as wedding planners and consultants to make you, our dear brides, look as perfect as you can on one of the most important days of your lives.  Now, having said that, once we give our expertise to you, it is your decision as to whether or not you implement said wisdom.

Apparently there is a new service for brides called e-Gifting, which allows a bride to print off gift registry cards to include in her invitation ensemble and to print off pre-printed thank you notes, among other things.

Please let me be very clear about this ~ while this sounds like a wonderful time-saving thing to do, there are real etiquette issues with using this service.  It is NEVER (sorry, the caps are for emphasis) permissable to add your gift registry with any invitation ... wedding, shower, whatever, it is just not to be done.  Word of mouth is the proper way to let your guests know where you are registered, if they are interested in knowing.  (Remember, you have asked  for their presence, not presents). 

And then we get to the thank you notes, and any of you who knows me can see me reeling on the ceiling fan over this one!  Thank you notes must always (ok, I spared you the caps this time) be handwritten, either by the bride or the groom.  If you write them as soon as a gift arrives, you're not faced with a mountain of thank you's to write when you arrive home from your honeymoon.

There you have it, pearls of wisdom ~

We value the day and the event, but we treasure the lifelong relationships with our clients.

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