Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Trend Predictions

The wedding of William and Kate this past Friday certainly will have an impact for years to come on the bridal industry here in the U.S. and around the world.  Here are our predictions for trends in the bridal industry as a result of the Royal Wedding.

One of the most visually interesting parts of the wedding were the hats and fascinators donned by the female guests.  The British certainly are experts when it comes to hats and we would not be surprised to see headpieces become more and more of a part of everyday and bridal fashion here in the United States.   Jane Taylor is a popular English milliner whose designs were worn by many of the Royal Wedding guests.  She has a bridal line of beautiful fascinators and birdcage headpieces:

We can also expect to see women wearing hats more and more at daytime weddings.  What was your favorite hat or fascinator of the day?

Church Bells
The sound of the bells ringing in the air as Kate stepped out of her car added to the ambiance of the day. While brides before might not have even thought twice about having church bells at their ceremony, they now may be looking for a church that has bells..

We loved the look of the trees in Westminster Abbey; they can add so much color and visual interest in a room.  We predict trees will become more and more popular in ceremony and reception decor.  A fun idea would be to plant a tree that was used in a couple's wedding decor in the yard of their new home.

Lace and Sleeves
One of the most anticipated aspects of the wedding was Kate's wedding dress.  We think it was breathtaking and knockoffs were surely being designing as soon as she stepped out of the car.  While wedding dresses up until this point have had less and less fabric and have been showing more and more skin, designers will start producing more classic and timeless dresses that include lace and sleeves.  

Classic Cars
One of the biggest surprises of the Royal Wedding was Will and Kate's exit in an antique Aston Martin.  Couples may want something different than the normal limousine; a classic car is a fun and unique was to exit your reception.

What are your predictions for trends we can see in the bridal industry due to the Royal Wedding?

Julie Daniel, Splash Consultant

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