Thursday, December 29, 2011

Etiquette 101: How to Properly Set a Table

Photo Credit: Emily Post Institute

It never hurts to have a refresher course on the proper way to set a table.  The above picture is for an informal, 3-course meal.

The dinner plate would go underneath the napkin which would be folded and placed on top.  Silverware is placed in the order you will use it, salad fork and the dinner fork on the left with the cutting edge facing towards the plate, soup spoon, teaspoon then the knife.  

The drinking glasses go to the right (as most people are right handed) above the knife and spoons.

A salad plate is place to the left of the forks.  A bread plate is place directly above the forks with the knife at an angle and the blade facing down.

And lastly the coffee cup and saucer are placed to the right of the knives and spoons.

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