Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RSVP Tracking

After you've gone through the long, arduous process of compiling a guest list, ordering, addressing and mailing your invitations, getting your response cards back in the mail can feel like a huge sigh of relief.  More often than you would believe, you will get response cards that have either accepted or declined- they have just left off one key piece of information, the guest's name.  This can obviously be very frustrating, but something that is easily can be managed very easily.

When making your guest list identify each guest or family by number:
  1. Jane and John Smith
  2. Laura Webb
On the back of their response of their response card, pencil in very small #1, or 2 to correspond with the family's number on your spreadsheet.  When you get a response card in the mail with no name on it, but #2 written on the back, you will know that Laura Webb forgot to write in her name (and then you can call her and give her a hard time for leaving her name off).  

Happy Planning!

Julie Daniel

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