Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Limited Budget Solutions

I recently met with a bride who told me that she's on a limited budget, and wanted to know what her priorities should be for the money she and her fiance have to spend on their wedding day.  This is a common question today ~ everyone wants to stretch their dollars to the limit, and for good reason!  But, my answer to her and to any bridal couple is always the same in this area ~ what is the most important part of the day for you as a couple?  It could be the music during the service, the photographs or videography that you're going to have to remember your special day, or it could be a great party at the reception.  Whatever is most important to you is where your focus should be.  And, then decide how many guests you can realistically host.  It all comes down to a budget, and while this is difficult for a lot of couples, wedding planners deal with budgets all the time, and are always willing to help you in that area, even if it's for an hourly consultation, it's worth the money spent!

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