Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding Website Etiquette

In this digital age where everything is done online, most couples choose to have a wedding website and online registries.  What is the best way to let your guests know about these websites?

Online Registries
It is never appropriate to include your online registry information on your Save the Dates or on your actual information.  Remember, you are requesting your guests presence at your wedding, not their presents.  You can however include your registry information on your personal wedding website, that is what it is there for!  Leave it up to your guests to ask where you are registered. 

Wedding Websites
A personalized wedding website is a great tool for a couple to use to let guests know pertinent information about their wedding- directions, location, registry information, etc.  You can even give them the option to RSVP online.

So where can you advertise your wedding website?  The appropriate place would be on your save the date cards, not on your wedding invitation. 

Did you know that we can get you set up with your very own wedding website?  As part of The Luxe Wedding Package we can get you set up with a wedding website that can include an online RSVP feature.

By Julie Daniel, Splash Consultant

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