Monday, October 4, 2010

Capital Decor and Events

 The other week a few of the Splash Consultants had the opportunity to take a tour of Capital Decor and Events in Beltesville, MD.  To be able to tour their showroom was a one-of-a-kind experience, and I am so glad that I had to chance to peak into their world!

Capital Decor and Events specializes in event design - you can approach them with an idea or a theme for an event and they will design it better than you could have ever imagined.  We were able to snap a few photos of their showroom so we wanted to share them with you.

You can create your own banquet seating at your event.  Don't you love this chandelier- who knew you could rent something like this for the night?

 These were mock tables set up for an actual wedding- the bride had just been there to give her approval.  The tables were out of this world - pictures could not do them justice.  They were absolutely gorgeous.

They used a few different tables - my favorite was the squared mirrored one.

How cool - clear plastic chiavari chairs!

 Can you guess what these squares are?  Samples of aisle runners!  How beautiful would those be down an aisle?

 They have every decor item imaginable for your event.

If you - or they can dream it, they can build it in-house.

This is the warehouse which holds all their past projects and all of their materials that they use regularly.

These tables are sunken in in the middle so that you can place flowers in them - that way you can talk to the guests across the table without flowers getting in the way!

Stainless steel tables are very trendy right now:

Mirrored tables:

 These clear tables are great - they have filled them with floating candles and even fish!

 Can you guess what this is?

That would be a tree. 

It is hard to tell what these are, but they are every lighting fixture imaginable.  

The possibilities are endless to what they can create - it can almost be overwhelming.  If in addition to the planning and coordination of your wedding or event, you choose to enlist Capital Decor and Events for event design, we will be there with you navigating the many, many options you have to pulling together a beautiful event!

Happy Planning-

Julie Daniel, Splash Consultant

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