Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skin Care With A Perfection Guarantee

There are not many things that a professional wedding planner can guarantee a bride for her wedding day. We cannot control the weather, late vendors or unruly guests, (we do however know how to handle these disappointments) but there is one thing we do guarantee, our favorite skin care line from Arbonne International.

One of our favorite brides met with us just weeks before her college graduation and her wedding. Both events had created a little bit of stress for her and her eczema was in full bloom. Immediately, we knew what to do: Get the Arbonne Baby Care! After a shower with the hair and body wash, some slathering with the petroleum free baby oil and applying the herbal diaper rash cream to the more troubled spots, our bride was 99% better the next day. We can't give Arbonne all the credit, a little Tender, Loving, Care (TLC) from her wedding planners was calming to her fragile nerves!

We trust Arbonne with our skin and hair and believe in the Arbonne difference of Pure, Safe, Beneficial! 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied after using the product 30 days. 100% vegan; botanically based; pH balanced; dermatology recommended; absolutely no artificial fragrances or dyes; never any animal products or by products; never, ever, ever tested on animals; and completely free of mineral oil! All packaging is made from recycled material. Formulated in Switzerland. Manufactured in the USA.

From the excellent ABC Arbonne Baby Care for all sensitive skin to our world class NutriminC RE9 Anti Aging Skin Care System, Arbonne International has developed awesome skin care and hair care products that we proudly offer all our brides.

Contact Splash for more information about how to have the best skin - from head to toe - for your wedding day and beyond!

Happy Planning! Martha Wiles, Splash Consultant

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