Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Six Things To Throw Instead of Rice

I honestly have never been to a wedding where rice was thrown; I think that rice as the item to be tossed is a tradition that is on it's way out due to a few factors.  Some venues do not allow rice to be thrown due to the myth that rice can be harmful to birds (which has been largely debunked).  Hard rice on a flat surface can be very dangerous as it is very easy to slip on, and you certainly don't want Grandma breaking a hip at your wedding.  Also, brides these days are looking for something unique or that fits the theme of their wedding.

Here are six ideas for items to be thrown at your wedding as an alternative to rice:
  • Lavender buds are the hot ticket to be thrown and a plethora of ways to purchase them can easily be found through a google search. 
  • Bubbles can be a fun alternative for all guests young and old, but be careful, we heard one story a bubble popping on the photographer's lens and all the pictures from then on being blurry.  
  • Sparklers are a festive idea but one that you need to be careful with.  Many localities require you to notify the local fire department if you will be using sparklers and may even require that a fireman be present.  Check with your venue before planning to use sparklers.
  • Birdseed became a popular item to throw after the rice rumor and I'm sure the neighboring birds would be very appreciative.
  • Dried Leaves would be lovely at a fall wedding.
  • Butterflies, while popular a few years ago, have fallen out of favor because many of the butterflies don't survive, which puts a damper on the fun of the moment.  Consider having white doves released by a professional -- what a beautiful picture at a very special moment.
Happy Planning-

Julie Daniel, Splash Consultant

Thursday, September 23, 2010

To Change Names or Not

There are many reasons why you might want to change your name, and just as many why you might not.  Whatever your decision, make it with your groom, perhaps by seriously considering the following suggestions offered by Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski in their book The Smart Couple’s Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams.   

•    Write your name in each of the possible forms you are considering – taking the groom’s name, creating a new name from both of yours, hyphenating your names, changing the groom’s name to the bride’s and keeping the bride’s name.

•    Say each of these out loud

•    Delete any that are out of the question for you.

•    Jointly discuss the remaining options.   Talk about all of the names’ ramifications – their effects on your families and friends, your work life, your children’s last names(s), what each choice means to you, as well as anything else that the names could affect.

•    Now which name(s) make you feel most at home, most comfortable, and proudest?

There is no need to make a final decision right away.  The important thing is to mull your options over until both of you feel empowered by and strongly identified with the name(s) you will select.

Respecting and valuing your uniqueness, and knowing your own private and public reasons for your choice, will make the naming process more meaningful and will deepen your pride and comfort in the name you will be known by for the rest of your life.

Happy Planning!
Deb Merriner, Splash Consultant

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few Tips for Guests Invited to Same Sex Unions

(from Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette)
If you’re invited to a same-sex ceremony and have not previously attended one, it’s natural to wonder what is expected of guests. The answer is simple: Guest etiquette is the same as for a traditional wedding celebration. The following points address some common concerns, but common sense is always the best guide:
  • Reply to the invitation as soon as possible. If you must regret, there’s no need for excuses. Inivitees who are genuinely opposed to or upset by same-sex unions would be wise to decline graciously rather than risk dampening the happiness of the couple.
  • Whether you can attend or not, the invitation obliges you to send a wedding gift.
  • When choosing attire, be guided by the time of the ceremony and the nature of the invitation (formal, informal, or casual).
  • Follow the order of the service in the ceremony program, if one is provided. Otherwise, take your lead from the wedding party and other guests. Chances are, the ceremony and reception will be similar to other weddings you’ve attended.
  • Go through the receiving line, if there is one. All the traditional expressions of congratulations are appropriate, except reference to “bride and groom” or “husband and wife.” If there isn’t a receiving line, be sure to extend best wishes to the couple and their families at some point during the party.
  • Refrain from making comments and asking questions that might be perceived as negative. This won’t be hard if guests bear in mind that the ceremony, while it may not be legally sanctioned, honors the lifetime commitment of two people.
Happy Planning!

Deb Merriner, Splash Consultant

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kudos are in order!

Yes, this is a wedding and event related blog, but we also teach etiquette, and I just had to take this opportunity to share a shout out!  This past week, my husband and I chose to have a meal at our local Outback restaurant in Herndon, VA -- WOW, what a fabulous experience! 

We love to frequent Outback because we really love the margs and the menu, but on this particular visit, we loved the staff as well.  In fact, it was the staff that made such a fabulous impression -- here's what happened ...

As we arrived, we were warmly greeted by Tyler, who welcomed us and promptly showed us to our seating area ... right on Tyler's heels was Danielle, ready and waiting to take our drink order (of course, we obliged! :-)  OK, two staff people and not one of them said, "How are you guys tonight?" (Which you all know is one of my pet peeves!)  No, their training at the ready, they were polite and the service was fabulous, which made for an extra-special dining experience for Hubby and me.

We were also fortunate enough to be visited by one of the restaurant managers, Jackie, and it was a real treat to share our kudos with her, and to thank her for taking the time to pass along great manners to the restaurant's employees.  Of course, she beamed from ear to ear, as any self-respecting mother hen manager would do! :-)

So, if you wish to have an exceptional dining experience, may I highly recommend an evening out to the Outback in Herndon -- you'll be glad you did!

Kudos, Outback!