Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Fantasy Wedding 2011 Winning Couple

We are so proud to share with you a little about our winning couple, Philip and Mindi!  They have won over the top fantasy wedding which will take place at the Reston Town Center on May 28, 2011.

Philip and Mindi recently became engaged after dating for about a year.  They met last year at Mindi’s 30th birthday at a bar where she was celebrating with friends.  Mindi noticed two Marines in full dress, and given her professional experience in veteran services and support, she proceeded with her usual practice of buying service members a drink.  In one night, she was sold and they were inseparable.  Philip is a Marine currently assigned to Camp Le Jeune in North Carolina. Mindi has an appreciation for service members due in part to her father having served a full career in the armed services.  Mindi has lived in the DC area for over ten years and works for the federal government. She is also currently pursuing a masters and Ph.D.  

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