Monday, October 3, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Bridal Artistry

This week we had a chance to talk with Barbara Hill of Bridal Artistry.  For more information on Bridal Artistry, please visit  Thanks Barbara!

BRIDAL ARTISTRY is the DC area’s premier, multi-ethnic team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists. We come on-site as your own pro “beauty team” for the big day. Friendly, professional, excellent = our goal. We seek to work within each bride’s comfort zone to make the gorgeous look they dreamed happen for them. We have learned over our 10 years of growing in this business that if a bride feels “comfortable” in her look ~ she feels beautiful!

I shared a hotel elevator last month with a young man who was obviously a groomsman for another wedding that day. He asked, “What do you do with all that stuff?” Rather than state (what I thought was) the obvious, I replied: “We are female confidence builders!” That is what we love ~ seeing a woman’s attitude and self image improve as she sees how beautiful she really can be. At times it is nothing short of amazing to see the transformation, and it never gets routine. Serving the bride’s friends and family is great fun, too. As one 84 year old grandma wrote me later: “Your excellent job gave me the confidence to relax and have a wonderful time…”

SO WE MAKE BRIDES’ DREAMS COME TRUE, help women - of all ages – feel confident, and meet such interesting and wonderful people !

ADVICE FOR BRIDES: In today’s tough economy, it is especially tempting to think you will skip the professional makeup and even hairstyling. Remember, how you look in those photos lasts for a lifetime. So for a relatively small expense (in the total wedding budget), don’t skip looking polished and amazing the whole day long!

DIY BRIDES who love to do your own makeup: Check out photos taken of you with your friends. Do you like the way you look in pictures? Some products don’t photograph well, although they look great in person (i.e, mineral makeup). Also, you will be photographed from all angles, and small details will make a big difference in photos. Consider carefully…

Barbara Hill, owner & professional makeup artist

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