Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: I Do Photography

This week we had a chance to talk with Susan and Randy Wyant of I Do Photography.  For more information on their business please visit their website  Thanks Susan and Randy!

Tell me about your business.
We are wedding and portrait photographers and we love people!  Our photographs capture the moments of each couple's very special day. The albums we create are the first family heirloom for the bride and groom. We are a team of photographers so we can be in two places at once. The brides like that I can be with the 'girls' and provide the extra set of eyes to make sure they look fabulous. Or help calm them just before they go down the aisle.  Our goal is provide excellent service, images and products that will preserve the moments of their wedding forever!

What do you enjoy most when working with a bridal couple?
Being a part of a wedding is an honor for us. Capturing the special glances and hugs as well as the big moments are so much fun. It is so exciting for us to see their expressions when they see their images for the first time - it just extends the love of the wedding day. Weddings are always happy times - what is there not to love?

From where do you draw your inspiration?
Each wedding is unique - each couple is unique. So we try to make their images reflect their personalities. We do an engagement session and that helps us to get to know them and their style. Viewing other artists also helps us keep a pulse on what is out there. But we retain our own style for what we do.

What advice do you have for brides and grooms who are in the throes of planning their wedding?
One of our grooms said it best when he asked, "if I do this, will I be married at the end of the day?". Just remember to keep that in mind - no matter what you are planning or how things are going, the goal is to be married at the end of the day! It is not just about the day, but the commitment to each other. And we highly recommend it - we just celebrated our 31st anniversary!

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