Friday, August 7, 2009

Clicks for a Great Photographer!

Clicks ~ that's photo language for applause! Happy Friday, everyone! This has been a big week sharing vendors with you, and I want to close out the week with another of our treasured vendors. Once again, it was a networking event (yes, there was food involved!) that brought Stephanie Ascari of Cleverly Candid Photography and I together. Stephanie is an incredible photojournalist, bringing every event and photo the originality it deserves!

When I found out that Stephanie is the mother of three little boys, I felt an instant bond ~ having raised boys myself, I know where she's at in her life, and it's such a sweet time for her! Stephanie's passion for photography is captured in single snapshots, creating a beautiful story one click at a time ~ from engagement photos, to wedding photos to adorable children's photos, a priceless story is created.

As always is the case with great photography, words don't do it justice ~ please view for yourself at ~ you'll see why Stephanie is a treasured and preferred vendor for A Splash of Elegance!



We value the event and the day, but we treasure our lifelong relationship with our clients ~ A Splash of Elegance

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