Friday, August 7, 2009

Movie Critique ~ Julie & Julia

Just returned from the first showing of Julie and Julia ~ what an adorable movie! I know it is Friday afternoon, but having allowed myself a tidbit of free time, I'm glad I did. There was enough love and even a wedding in it that I didn't feel a twinge of guilt!

The movie is delightfully slow, as everything French should be ~ Meryl Streep is definitely the star of the show, as one would expect her to be playing the great Julia Child. I'll never disregard butter again, despite what the cardiologist says! Ohhhhhhh, yum! I dare say that if one watches the movie, there are several take away messages for women, all of them positive.

I left the theater and couldn't wait to get home (baguette in hand, butter thawing), put on my pearls, pour a glass of lovely French wine and blog ~



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