Thursday, August 6, 2009

Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire!

WOW! That was all I could say the day I met Isabella. Actually, I was at a networking luncheon (for some reason networking is consistent with food, but I digress!) and I saw the most beautiful woman across the room, and I instantly thought, wow ~ that woman is either a make-up artist, or she should be because her makeup is remarkable! Well, I worked the room to sidle up next to Isabella, and sure enough, my super sleuth instinct was right, she is a make-up artist ... extraordinaire!

Isabella is originally from Italy, as the lovely lilt of her voice will attest, and her degree is in structural engineering. She laughed when she shared that tidbit, but I said to her, that's exactly what you're doing ~ you're doing structural engineering on the facial palette.

Recently married and new to the DC arena, Isabella brings with her training in NYC in film, theater and modeling, working the big city! After a time in New Orleans, she met the man of her dreams and has settled her business in DC ~ definitely our good fortune!

Please visit Isabella's web site at ~ A Splash of Elegance is proud to claim her as one of our preferred vendors.



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