Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twogetherness Tuesday ~ Wedded Bliss

Happy Tuesday, everyone ~ it's Twogetherness Tuesday here at A Splash of Elegance. Let's chat about what happens after the wedding. The fanfare is over, the proofs have been purchased and it's just the two of you (ok, and maybe the dog) ... ah, wedded bliss!

Make sure you maitain that sense of wedded bliss by maintaining your identity and your life. Trust me, it will keep your marriage fresh for many years. Keep your his and her friends, and have your "our" friends, too ~ the more, the merrier! And, remember your families, too. No one will ever love you more than your own family, so keep them in the loop, too.

Keep it fresh, keep it new ... yes, it takes work, but trust me again, it's so worth it!

Be happy together,



We value the event and the day, but we treasure the lifelong relationship with our clients.

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