Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chef Extraordinnaire!

Pardon the diversion in this bridal blog, but it's not often that I get to blog about fabulous food, and I promised Chef Andrew that I would sing his praises on my blog today, and for good reason -- Bill and I were treated to an incredible dinner last night on this paradise island of Grand Cayman.  Chef Andrew's lasagna was non-pareil, but the coup de gras of the evening was his delectable creme brulee.  Chef Andrew has participated in cooking contests through the years, and his creme brulee has won over many professional chefs.  I quickly learned that there had been some backroom discussions about the fact (yes, it is a fact) that I am a creme brulee aficionado ... I've tested them from sea to shining sea, and now across the sea.  I do believe that poor Chef Andrew had been told of my purist desires when it comes to creme brulee and was ever so cautious not to offend my delicate balance in search of the creamiest and smoothest creme brulee.  Kudos, Chef Andrew ~ your creme brulee was a magnificent treat to my palate, and the perfect ending to a beautiful dinner.  Cheers to you, Heather and Drew for a wonderful evening of fun and friends.  You're the best!

xo, Victoria

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