Monday, July 12, 2010

How to Get Your Entourage to Bloom

Behind every beautiful bride you will most likely find a lovely group of devoted bridesmaids whose job it is to help usher the bride from her single to married life through any number of tasks and rituals.  What sometimes makes this a challenge is the configuration of the modern bridal party which is often comprised of not just sisters and extended family members on both sides but  college roommates, grade-school buddies and the new best friend at work.  As wonderful and supportive as these friends are to the bride, they are often complete strangers to each other.

When the bridal party is not a tight knit group of childhood friends who live in the same home town, there are options.  Perhaps the easiest way to break the ice when the bridesmaids hail from different parts of the county is to forward their email addresses to the maid of honor with a request to introduce herself to the bridesmaids via a short email.  (Best men can also take this tack with the groomsmen).  Including some interesting facts (how she met the bride, her hobbies and interest, her "sign", her favorite adult beverage, etc.) and a personal anecdote about the bride would be a great start.  She will certainly want to talk up how much fun the wedding will be and then request that everyone "reply all" with similar information along with their phone numbers and the best way/time to reach them.

Everyone can participate in this simplest of icebreakers for team bonding and who knows what new friendships will develop because of it!

Happy Planning-

Deb Merriner, Splash Consultant

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