Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Gown Preservation

One of the many concierge services we offer here at A Splash of Elegance is Wedding Gown Preservation through Wedding Gown Preservation Co.  

I wanted to share my experience with gown preservation as I was hesitant at first two send off my mother's gown so I'm sure other people are as well.  My mother's wedding dress has been hanging in a garment bag for the past 30 years at my dad's house.  For the past few years I have been nervous about it yellowing or being otherwise damaged.  Until I joined the Splash team last year I had never heard of gown preservation.  It had been on my long-term to do list to get it cleaned professionally, so when I heard about preservation I wanted to learn more.

After talking with Victoria (the owner of A Splash of Elegance) and learning about all of the advantages of gown preservation, I decided to take the leap and send off my mom's dress.  The process is so straight-forward and easy, Wedding Gown Preservation Co. does all the work for you.  Once I purchased the gown preservation kit, I simply put the gown (and veil and slip) in the pre-addressed box, jotted down my address on a form and taped it up!  Easy as 1-2-3!  The hardest part was leaving it at the UPS store, I was a little hesitant to let it go.  A few weeks later the package arrived at work (they will not deliver to a home address for security).  It was weeks quicker than I had anticipated and arrived wrapped up so nicely!
(My mom's wedding dress after being preserved)

The folks at Wedding Gown Preservation Co. were great to work with- I got an email as soon as they received my gown and an email letting me know of the progress.  They have been doing this for so long; they have seen it all and know they best ways to get out certain stains (did you know sugar causes the most damage to a dress), they know the best way to mend tears, and I can tell the truly care about each dress and each bride that they encounter.

I highly recommend preserving your wedding dress, your mom's, your grandma's, etc to save it from damage, so that future generations can enjoy it, there are so many reasons to consider preservation!  Please contact us if you are interested in having your gown preserved!

Happy planning-

Julie Daniel, Splash Consultant

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