Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have Fun with a Groom's Cake!

The groom’s cake can either be chosen by the bride or groom, but some grooms like to make their choice without their bride’s knowledge. What fun! Adding their own personal flare to the design makes a groom’s cake even more special.

Offering a groom’s cake is a wonderful way to add variety for the guests during the reception, as the groom’s cake tends to be more informal and varied in flavor. Some wonderful choices might be a cheesecake or perhaps even a tiramisu dessert. Because it’s a “less serious” wedding cake, it’s not confined by wedding tradition protocol. Some couples choose to serve their grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner while others save it for the wedding reception as an alternative to the wedding cake. However you choose present your groom’s cake, make sure that it reflects Mr. Groom’s personality and taste ~ that’s the fun of it!



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Martha said...

If the groom has an amazing, theme cake - that is designed solely for his favorite hobby - it is perfectly fine to serve it at the Rehearsal Dinner. No need to upstage the Wedding Cake with an over the top Groom's Cake!