Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Is Thank You Note Month

Did you know that January has been designated as thank you note month? What a great time to review some thank you etiquette. Whether you have received a wedding gift, birthday gift or a thinking of you gift, you will always want to send a handwritten thank you note.

What makes a great thank you? Make sure you use the person’s name (Aunt Susie, Uncle Joe), thank them specifically for the gift and tell them you intend to use it (Thank you for the beautiful wok we received as a wedding gift. We will have so much fun trying out new and fun oriental recipes, and will definitely invite you both over to sample some of our creations!), and then a lovely closing (It was great to see you both at the wedding. Thank you for sharing in our special day – see you soon!) Sign your name (Love, Michelle and Nick), and into the mailbox it goes!

So simple and it will just take a minute of your time, but will really make the gift giver excited to know how much you loved the gift.

Pen in hand, let’s write!

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