Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Happy New Year! Congratulations to you if you were engaged over the holidays! I know you want to run right out and tell the world (which you should do immediately), and you are going to want to begin planning right away, too. Please begin by signing up for our email newsletter to receive our top wedding tips before you do anything, as you will find those very helpful.

When you begin your quest to find just the right wedding planner for you, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind. Of course you will want someone with experience – all brides ask that question; and, you will want your wedding planner’s personality to mesh with you and your fiancĂ©’s personalities.

In addition, here are some other things to consider –
  • What are the wedding planner’s credentials? Is s/he accredited or certified through a wedding organization such as the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), who also requires their members to keep up to date through continuing education? 
Note: All Splash Consultants are certified through ABC, and I serve as the Virginia State Coordinator for ABC. Our Consultants are required to have 36 hours of continuing education every year. In addition, Splash has a monthly training session on current topics for the Splash Team.
  • Does the wedding planner have a real business or is s/he planning weddings as a hobby? While there are no State or Federal regulations for wedding planners, every wedding planner should be able to show you proof of a business license and at least one insurance policy. Many venues will not allow a wedding planner to work at their venue if s/he does not carry liability insurance, so make sure you ask your prospective planner! 
Note: A Splash of Elegance Event Planning, Inc. maintains a business license in Fairfax County, carries a $2M Liability Insurance Policy and Errors & Omissions Insurance.
  • Kickbacks are very prevalent in the wedding industry. Does your prospective wedding planner accept kickbacks from other wedding vendors? 
Note: A Splash of Elegance is held to the standard of excellence outlined by the Association of Bridal Consultants, and does NOT accept kickbacks from any of the wedding vendors with whom we work. It is our belief that your money is your money. It is our job to keep you within or under your budget, and any money we can save you by using our trusted professional vendors goes straight to your bottom line.
  • Who will step in on your wedding day if something happens to your planner and s/he is unable to work? 
Note: A Splash of Elegance maintains a team of credentialed wedding planners. Our team meets on a monthly basis to discuss our weddings and how we can best serve our bridal couples. In addition, each Consultant maintains a Splash notebook for each couple – ask your Consultant to see your Splash “bible.”

Please call or e-mail us for your complimentary meeting and happy planning!

Victoria Wagner

President & CEO

A Splash of Elegance Event Planning, Inc.



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